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Introducing Braden Chase, the CEO & Founder of Braden Chase Media.
Braden started his online career back in 2008 when he started podcasting. Using industry-leading strategies and tools, Braden generated over $120,000 in profit for his clients annually. 
While completing a Masters degree in 2016, Braden launched a best-selling course to over 22,000 students in 55 countries that has generated over $440,000 (and growing).
Braden has the unique ability to bring clarity to online marketing and is passionate about helping business owners "work on their businesses, not in them." 
It is his personal mission to help entrepreneurs create businesses that support the life of their dreams.
Braden has partnered with Brazilian media specialist Fábio Costa to increase the rate of growth for their clients, because, you know, two heads are better than one! Their expertise in digital marketing allows business owners to profitably outsource their online marketing through a proven systematic approach.
Fabio Costa is a Brazilian entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies.

With a background in international sales throughout Latin America, Fábio has engineered thousands of sales in a variety of markets and was recently recognized as one of the top affiliates for Monetizze, a Latin American fintech startup.

His passion is helping businesses start and grow their online sales using cutting-edge marketing techniques from social media and search engines.
Fabio is married to Glauce and they have twins: Two beatiful girls of 15 years old, Giulia and Mariana.
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